An Anthology of Poems Read at Willow Glen Books
Arranged and Edited by Pushpa MacFarlane


ISBN 978-1-884516-17-7

Imagine a bookstore in northern California, sunny and sweet on a friendly street. Now think of entering that place, with its sensuous colors and shapes of magazines and books. What if there were people there reading aloud . . . voices of reason and beauty. Well, this compendium honors poets and writers who, for 17 years, shared their deep affection for language by reading publicly the poetry and prose carved from their desires. What an excellent umbrella of good will Willow Glen provided. I saw this first-hand; and I recall wonderful stories told and heard from a living world of writers. Those same gifts of expression are here now, with remembered feeling and untamable intelligence and imagination--writers who visited San Jose are made permanent, to last a lifetime, voice once heard, never stilled. They answer the question: What is a memory worth?

— Grace Cavalieri
Producer/Host: "The Poet and the Poem" from the Library of Congress

What better way to celebrate the life of a bookstore than with a book, and such a wonderful book, filled with the good poems and good spirits that joined once a month together at Willow Glen Books. We lament the store's loss, but are grateful for its long supportive presence. Pushpa MacFarlane has done the Poetry community of San Jose a real service compiling and editing this collection. I read through it filled with good memories and delight.

— Nils Peterson
Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County, CA (2009-2011)