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Below is a brief overview of each of our books. Click on the book for more information about it.

by W. A. Emerson
The Chicken That Learned to Fly
Discount Fireworks
by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
by Iztok Osojnik
Mister Today
A Little Help From Your Friends
by Jean Emerson
by Ethel Seeley
Waiting for the Train
What I Would Do for Love
by Grace Cavalieri
by Mary Lou Taylor
The Fringes of Hollywood
Blush of Winter Moon
by Patricia J Machmiller
by Joan Irene Edwards
A Blessing, An Old Nun Said
Reading Berryman to the Dog
by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
by Dona Luongo Stein
Children of the Mafiosi
Not Alone
by Jean Emerson
by Dona Luongo Stein
Heavenly Bodies
Cycles of the Moon Vine
by Jean Emerson
by Linda Henreid Carney
Green Temples
Flame from the Rock
by Frances Roberts
by Phyllis Koestenbaum
Criminal Sonnets

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